An enemy of all pregnant women: stretch marks. These small reddish streaks that tend to colonize stomach, thighs and breasts are a source of apprehension and fears. With it, the secret is prevention. Discover all our care tips for body hydrated and without stretch marks.

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Stretch marks are small lesions of elastic fibers in the skin. You should know that the secret pregnancy hormone, cortisol, which inhibits the action of collagen, which normally ensures the elasticity of the skin. The passing months, weight gain increases and the skin stretches more. Not flexible enough, it may crack: the stretch mark.

Easy to recognize, it is in the form of a line from pink to red. Of varying size and thickness, this scar has its favorite areas: the abdomen, hips and thighs. But it can also be found on the breasts, buttocks, shoulders, lower back or inside the arms.

Most often, they appear the 8th and 9th month of pregnancy, enjoying the slightest relaxation of attention. Women are very uneven deal with stretch marks. It is primarily a skin quality issue, and if some are missing without any worry, others pay a heavy price. Young skin, smooth white are the most exposed.

Prevent stretch marks: pay attention to weight gain

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Stretch marks are intimately linked to weight changes . And of course, pregnant women are not the only ones concerned. Weight gain – or conversely a loss – too fast is straining the epidermis, which is taken short and tend to “crack”.

This is why it is recommended to pregnant women to pay attention to the weight curve. Weight gain should be smooth, so that the skin has time to relax gradually and no cash excessive shock. Better regain smooth shape after childbirth and losing pounds smoothly to not rush the skin.

Eliminate stretch If there is no miracle cure for stretch marks, good care is prevention. Indeed, well hydrated, the skin is more flexible and less likely to “crack”. So do not hesitate to feed it daily with appropriate care. Your anti-stretch allies moisturizer and oil.

Early in pregnancy, the habit to apply morning and evening on the whole body, with emphasis on sensitive areas: stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts. Massage the skin with circular motions so thoroughly into care. You can use a rich moisturizer or balm, or turn to vegetable oils (sweet almond, argan). Similarly, avoid too energetic sports and protect yourself from the sun, which dries the skin and promotes aging. Last tip: stay hydrated.

Treatment against stretch marks: What if nothing works? Despite your best efforts, stretch marks appear? Do not panic. They will gradually clear up, as in wound healing, ending slightly pearly white. The bad news is that stretch marks often disappear completely.

Drug treatments do exist. For more information, ask your doctor, dermatologist or gynecologist. The ultimate recourse is peeling or laser treatment, which Kim Kardashian has used, but beware, this is an expensive operation that must be reflected. Think your stretch marks appear less on tanned skin? Warning, the sun is far from your side. On the contrary, it may make them more visible, so take care to protect your skin with a care for your skin type.


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