If Kate Middleton continued to play sports during her pregnancy , it’s because it’s a great way to stay toned and relax. But beware, sport is not practiced anyhow. If some are highly recommended, others are prohibited. Check out our tips to keep fit during your pregnancy.

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Sport is good for pregnancy
Whether or not sports , physical activity during pregnancy is very beneficial. Indeed, sport is a great way to relax and maintain muscle tone. In addition, it allows better management of breathing, improves blood circulation and flexibility.

Attention was not told any sport, no matter how. There are a few rules to follow to stay toned. Before you jump into an activity, ask in advance the advice of your doctor or midwife. They will advise you and guide you to appropriate activities.

What sports to choose when you’re pregnant?

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You’re not going to run a marathon. Physical activity should be soft in order not to risk to your baby. Four sports are particularly recommended during pregnancy.

- Walking: Accessible to all, it can be done from the first to the last day of pregnancy. Do not hesitate to regularly offer rides. For a good ankle support – that tend to swell- invest in a pair of sports shoes.

- Swimming: This is the perfect activity for you to feel light. Go ahead smoothly favoring the backstroke. Many pools offer water aerobics classes for pregnant women, enjoy!

- The gymnastics: Do not hesitate to sign up for gymnastics classes during your pregnancy. Stretching, especially, is ideal for relaxing you and control your breathing. Attention is better to practice this activity supervised by a professional for more security.

- Yoga: Favorite sport to keep a nice silhouette, yoga makes you work smoothly. Attention postures are not recommended for pregnant women, so better follow the advice of a professional. Yoga is excellent for managing his breathing. Good preparation for childbirth!

In general, it is recommended that pregnant women be limited to sessions of 20 to 30 minutes two to three times a week. Be sure to listen to your body and do not excess. Finally, do not forget to warm up before each session.

Prohibited sports during pregnancy If a gentle activity is recommended during pregnancy, some more violent sports should be avoided. Because the risk of shock and drop is significant, team sports (basketball, volleyball, handball), combat (judo, karate …) or slides (skiing, water skiing, roller) are prohibited.

Same for mountain biking, horseback riding and jogging causing adverse movements for the well-being of your baby. Finally, the diving is also prohibited during pregnancy.


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