Pregnancy: beware, fragile skinPregnancy: Beware fragile skin
Do not wait to invest in sensitive skin care . Bubbling hormones can make your skin intolerant to products that previously you were going to perfection. The best thing is to take care specially designed for intolerant skin, why not care and organic make up.

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Above all, avoid products that scour (too aggressive exfoliation, treatment with alcohol) that would weaken your skin even more. The essential oils are also prohibited. And reduce your beauty routine to a minimum (moisturizer, makeup removal and gentle exfoliation, mask) not to tire your skin. Remember that also heals the skin from the inside, then drink. Water, herbal tea and broth are perfect to prevent any risk of dehydration.

Pregnancy: fight against acne

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For some mothers, pregnancy helps to soothe acne to completely make it disappear.Unfortunately for others, it has the opposite effect: the bright skin rash!

Please note, oral treatment with vitamin A is not recommended during pregnancy. The best is yet to seek advice from your dermatologist. He may prescribe zinc-based tablets, allowed during pregnancy and are very effective.

Among the good habits: wash your face morning and evening to cleanse, without using too irritating care can intensify the problem. Do not forget hydration and adopt treatments and products makeup for oily skin noncomedogenic not to pour oil on the fire.

During pregnancy, attention to the sun Pregnant, hormones mess up the normal functioning of your body. The skin on your face then becomes more sensitive, especially during sun exposure . To prevent brown spots, classic signs of pregnancy mask, protect yourself by applying a maximum sunblock (index 50, no less). Reapply every two hours for skin to sunlight.


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