Want to be rid of your hair almost permanently? Entrust your legs and underarms laser. Orchestrated by a doctor, the sessions provide a soft skin for long.

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Laser hair removal, how does it work?
Laser hair removal, also called “permanent hair removal” is the most radical method to get rid of your hair. Being developed a few years ago, it has gradually replaced the electric permanent hair removal, which was done with a needle is at the root of the hair, destroyed using an electric current. Less laborious, laser hair removal can cover larger areas, a few centimeters. The laser targets melanin, responsible for skin color as hair. Heated with a light beam, it damages the hair follicle. Thus destroys the hair does not grow back.

Which areas to target with laser hair removal?

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Laser hair removal can be performed on all body areas. The result, however, depends on the nature of the skin and of your hair.

Laser: how to use it? Unlike other methods of hair removal, the laser is not done in a salon but in the doctor’s office. It was the doctor who, after an examination of the skin, determines whether permanent hair removal is possible or not. Indeed, everyone can not use them. At issue: melanin.

If it is too present in the epidermis level – to understand if you have dark skin , or black- it is strongly recommended because there is a big risk of depigmentation. Ditto if melanin is not important enough in the hair (if you have very light hair, almost white), the laser will not be effective. The laser is also not recommended for pregnant. Women know that hair removal is not final. The result varies from person to person. If regrowth is not contained, nevertheless allows the laser to make the hair thinner and much less present (the laser removes about 80% of the hair). For best results, it is necessary to operate several sessions, at least 4 to 6.

How often waxing laser? It is recommended at least 4-6 sessions a real result. It takes a hundred euros per session.


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