Over the months of pregnancy, your legs are heavy and swollen? This is one of the most common annoyances in pregnant women. Discover our tips and tricks to relieve you of your calves and find light legs.

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Pregnancy: why heavy legs?
Pregnancy has the effect of increasing blood volume to irrigate your organs as well as those of your baby. Consequence: the flow increases, the flow is complicated and tissue contact. Especially the legs begin to swell.

Add to that estrogens, known to promote the onset of edema and swelling, and progesterone that dilate blood vessels, and you get a pretty mess. Finally, to top it all, your uterus (the weight also increases) compresses the vein that brings up the blood of the lower extremities to the heart, obstructing venous return.


How to ease your legs?

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First reflex. Opt for compression stockings. They are not sexy, it’s true, but effective. Do not stay too long standing, which tired legs already tested. Conversely, do not let them immobile for a long time, and do not hesitate to walk to stretch your legs.

You have to find the right balance. Be aware that sport is not prohibited and that the practice of swimming, biking or soft gym can relieve you. Finish your shower by passing a jet of cold water from the bottom up, starting ankle and up to the knee. This helps decongest tissues and stimulate blood circulation. Similarly, do not hesitate to regularly massage your legs.

More generally, avoid the heat that hinders proper blood circulation. Under floor heating is not ideal if you are pregnant. Similarly, if you are addicted to hair removal with hot wax, better move to the warm or cold wax or razor during pregnancy.

Night, think about slip a pillow under your legs. Sleeping legs elevated helps improve circulation. Finally, the supply side, it is better to abstain from eating spicy foods, which dilate blood vessels. Instead, fill your plate diuretics fruits and vegetables that will help you fight against water retention. Tomato, watermelon, melon, orange, cucumber, zucchini, peppers, what are your allies to relieve you.



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