The trend may well be real or faux fur: legs look better shaved. Ditto for the underarms and bikini. So to display a soft skin, one weapon wax strips and other razors, with varying results.

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Why pluck?
If before, our hair had a true vocation, that keep us warm, we cannot say that our bed even importantly, serve us much. The first reason is obviously waxing aesthetic, but not only. Because the hair has the disadvantage of retaining moisture. On the legs, still happening, but under the armpits, that’s another matter. To avoid unpleasant odors, we take care to remove hair.

What methods of hair removal exist?

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They number six. The best known are of course the wax, razor and electric epilator. In painless family, we find the depilatory cream. In the register ancestral method, there waxing over, widespread in East and India. Finally, for those looking for a lasting result, there is laser hair removal.

How to choose the method of hair removal? Several criteria are taken into account. Most important, perhaps, is the desired result. Between the razor and waxing, hair growth will not be the same. With one, you will be quiet until 3 weeks, and the other will require ironing it the next day.

Another factor is also crucial: your resistance threshold to pain. We will not say that waxing is unsustainable. To choose the method of hair removal, you must also take into account your skin type and hair . Thus, the black darker skin will be discouraged permanent hair removal laser, whereas women with varicose veins or venous problems should avoid hot wax. Finally, it is also a cost of history. If the shaver costs almost nothing, it does not hold true for laser hair removal or institute.

What care should be done before waxing? To facilitate hair removal, it is recommended to perform a scrub a few days before, especially for a waxing. It will help to unclog pores, to remove dead cells and identify the hair for a better grip when waxing. Performed regularly, it also prevents ingrown hairs and inconvenience they cause (redness and pimples ).

How much does that cost? Expect a few euros for the razor and depilatory cream, against a hundred euros for a laser hair removal session. A waxing package bikini wax + half legs cost about 30 euros. Among the tips, hair removal thread, praised for eyebrow shaping, and which costs less than 10 euros.

 Hair Removal Methods Simple, quick and inexpensive, shaving, this is probably the method of hair removal the most acclaimed. A shot in the shower … and here we nickelles for a few hours. Yes, if it is practical, the razor has a flaw: the regrowth is fast, very fast. Simple, quick and inexpensive, shaving, this is probably the method of hair removal the most acclaimed.

Hair RemovalThe razor, the most convenient method First for men , shaving is gradually feminized and improved to meet our needs perfectly. Flexible pivoting head, multiplication blades, gel foam strip and moisturizes our skin in one pass … Razor proves easy to use and very cheap. Even if one team from a shaver and shaving gels, it’s OK with it. Side manual, it’s very simple: the blade cuts the hair at the surface of the skin, leaving smooth.

Razor: where to use it? The shaver can be used to remove hair from armpits and legs. In contrast is not recommended to have used it to the shirt because it tends to irritate and especially to promote ingrown hairs and small buttons .

How to use razor? The ideal is to shave in the shower or in the bath. Indeed, the razor glides better on wet skin. Especially, the heat opens the pores and better cut the hair. To facilitate shaving, applying legs a special shaving gel that lathers and moisturizes the skin slightly. For the legs, one hand of the ankle and one goes to the knee. Armpit, we proceed in two steps, first from the bottom up and top down to meet both directions of growth.

Then we moisturize and prevent alcohol-containing products (deodorant) on the shaved areas, otherwise it irritates.

How often shave? This is the main flaw of the razor. It must be done almost daily, or at least every other day. Fortunately, its small size allows it to carry anywhere.

Hair RemovalEpilator Devilishly effective, the epilator provides perfectly depilated legs at home. Although it looks significantly to an instrument of torture, brands have made ​​painkiller side progress.

The epilator manual As its name suggests, the epilator is a device that allows you to pluck hairs, even recalcitrant. Operating on the same principle as the tweezers, it has a head with rotary clamps that grip the hair and pull it with the bulb. This is why a session at the epilator offers 2 to 3 weeks tranquility. The downside, of course, is that it is not without pain. Luckily, brands have gradually developed systems to improve comfort during epilation.

For which areas use the epilator? A priori, electric epilator can be used everywhere. But experience, we nevertheless avoid underarms unless really be a hard baking.

Electric hair remover: how to use it? For proper hair removal, it is recommended to make a scrub the day before to unclog pores and facilitate the “taking” of the hair. Epilator is positioned at 90 ° to the depilated area and is used upwards, against the direction of hair growth, without pressing too hard to not irritate the skin. Sometimes a passage is not sufficient for a net waxing, so do not hesitate to return.

If you want to reduce pain during epilation, use an ice cube to lightly anesthetize the depilatory area. Note that some brands offer epilators equipped with an applicator that is placed in the freezer. Practical!

Then be sure to moisturize your skin to not have tight skin. And make it a habit to regularly make scrubs to prevent ingrown hairs.

How often use the epilator? A session with electric epilator offers 2 to 3 weeks tranquility, on average.

Hair RemovalThe waxing, what is it? The wax is in the form of small resin beads to melt. It is applied hot, warm or cold on the depilated area. Once dried, it pulls a jerk in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed him and his bulge. Income, hairless legs for 3 weeks!

Cold, hot or warm, wax each has its advantages and disadvantages. Hot wax is the most efficient because the heat opens the pores and allows good catch hair. However, it presents a significant risk of burning and is not suitable for women with varicose veins or venous problems. To them, it is recommended cold wax, which still remains less effective.

Wax: on which areas to use? Underarms, bikini, legs, everything can be treated with the wax.

How to apply the wax? First recommendation: if you are not very experienced, better to entrust your gems your armpits or a beautician in the salon. The latter has a thermometer showing the temperature of the wax to prevent the risk of burns. Moreover, it is difficult to reach some areas.

The wax is applied using a wooden spatula in the direction of hair growth. Then a band is deposited, it leaves a little dry and removed with a jerk in the opposite direction of hair growth. Before, it is beneficial to make a scrub which in deobstruent frees the hair that will be easier to catch. After waxing, it is recommended to rinse the skin to remove all traces of product and then moisturize well. It is common to observe small red spots after waxing. These disappear within 24 to 48 hours. And avoid exposure to the sun, even with a good sunscreen , just after.

The Eastern waxing Also called sugaring or honey this popular method in the Middle East is carried out with a mixture of sugar, water and lemon. It helps remove hair while exfoliating the skin (avoid if you have sensitive skin ). It can be done at home but beware, it takes a bit of skill.

Start by melting sugar 2-3 handles in half a glass of water. When the caramel begins to turn brown, add the lemon juice and then dip the preparation in cold water. Then form a ball and apply to small quantities of the body. Peel it with a quick movement to get hair and do so on the ankle up towards the knee.

How often waxing waxing? You can program your hair removal sessions with wax every 3 weeks. The advantage is that over the waxing, your hairs tend to be thinner and easier to remove.


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