Hormonal upheaval forces, pregnancy changes the appearance of your hair. In a majority of cases, it makes your hair shiny and supplied, but that is not the case for everyone. Discover our tips for taking care of your hair during these nine months.

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Pregnancy: the most beautiful hair
Are you pregnant? Pregnancy is boosting hormone levels, which have the power to give your hair a silky appearance and durable. Strong and shiny, they radiate for nine months. And you do not know but maybe during this period, hair loss stops. Therefore, pregnant, provided you have the most voluminous hair and feel.

Choose a mild shampoo to strengthen hair shine . After making a good shampoo , apply a conditioner, it will facilitate styling. Then, once a week, make a moisturizing mask. And do not forget to rinse your hair, ending with cold water for maximum shine.

Pregnancy and coloring

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Some mothers are reluctant to make a color . However, any risk to your baby, rest assured. Active dyes bind to the hair and not likely to reach your offspring. However, it is possible that the color does not “normally” react on your hair. Indeed, the high concentration of hormones can influence the outcome.

If you want to change color, it is better to entrust your head to a hairdresser, specifying that you are pregnant. It is better not to multiply the treatments, as they weaken the hair, and you may end up with damaged hair after childbirth. Above all, make sure to take care of colored hair .

After childbirth: hair loss Once baby born, your body undergoes a new shock: the sudden drop in hormones. The latter may have an impact on your mood and morale (the famous “baby blues”), but also on your hair. Indeed, they found a normal life cycle, punctuated by daily falls, plus those “late”.

Do not be shocked if you see your hair loss in large numbers, it is quite normal. However, it is possible that you are a little disappointed with the state of your hair, thinner and less bright. Continue care and go for a little refreshment at the hairdresser if needed (you can see why so many young mothers cut their hair). If the loss drags beyond a few months, do not hesitate to consult a doctor, he will prescribe the appropriate treatment.




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