FIBER FOR CONSTIPATIONFiber for Consitipation
Undoubtedly one of the problems that affect developed countries is constipation, lack of dietary fiber in the diet, or whatever it is, a low consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

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There are chemical laxatives and medicinal plants; in this case, both are equally harmful to the body. They should only be used occasionally, since otherwise vitiate the intestines, which lose their natural motility.

When you stop taking them, you have the more acute constipation initially, as well as irritable bowel, colitis, loss of minerals and other disorders that could lead to its use.

To avoid all that, we suggest that intestinal transit flattering, unlike laxatives, work by its power of absorption of liquids, and bear fruit among its ingredients, added nutritional value, vitamins and minerals.


  • 100 gr. dried figs
  • 100 gr. prunes (boneless)
  • 100 gr. Seed Flax
  • 20 gr. seeds of Psyllium
  • 10 gr. leaves of mint or grains of anise


  1. Dried figs usually come coated flour with a brush or clean them with cold water to remove all.
  2. Plums should also be rinsed to remove leading conservatives. Dry with paper towels both fruits.
  3. Chop all the fruit, along with mint and anise, as small as possible. Then pour into a bowl or other container and add flax seed and psyllium.
  4. Knead the mixture well all hands to form a more or less homogeneous paste. If you have a blender, it saves the trouble of chopping and kneading.
  5. In a glass jar, to be introducing this pasta so that it is well pressed and at the top, flush with the edge. Putting a lid and refrigerate.


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It may take different ways, the most common is to put 1 teaspoon of dough into a glass or cup filled with water and let it all soak overnight.

The next day, stir the mixture well and drink, chewing the fruit and seeds. Another way could be as a sweetener, adding a teaspoon to a cup of plain yogurt, which is two-fold benefit for the proper functioning of the intestine.

OBSERVATIONS It is convenient to use this dough for long periods in a row, which can irritate the bowel in sensitive individuals.

A good guideline might be to use the fiber 2 or 3 weeks in a row and the next rest.

It is also important to drink 2 or more liters of water a day, depending on the season hot or cold.

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