A nose lacking moisture sometimes creates an uncomfortable situation, but is rarely a sign of disease. In fact, you can solve this problem quite easily. One of the main causes of the dryness of the nose is the side effect of medications such as antihistamines, which are taken to stop a nose from running. While trying to solve a problem, you have created another.

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Nasal sprays, some bronchodilators and drugs that contain atropine, including eye drops, analgesics and some heart medications can also dry out your nose.

We complain often climate. When the heat rises and the humidity decreases, dry nasal passages.


  • Drink more fluids regardless of whether water or fruit juice. Proper hydration is essential. It is preferable to hydrate the tissue inside your body rather than applying creams local.
  • Take inventory of your medications. If you take antihistamines or medicine-based atropine, ask your doctor if you can reduce the dosage or stop completely taking. Ask them to check your medicines.
  • Try saline. Try the salt as a nasal spray, available in almost all pharmacies. Spray yourself three or four times a day as soon as you feel the need to moisten your nose.
  • Moisten your home. Use a humidifier throughout your home during the day and a vaporizer in your room while you sleep.
  • Beware of creams. Apply a moisturizing cream inside the nostrils to relieve very dry or cracked skin. Please do not sniff the cream. Vaseline or any other form of moisturizer-based oil can cause a form of pneumonia if it enters your lungs.

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