DIFFICULTY IN BOWEL MOVEMENTSDifficulty in Bowel Movements
Some people claim that genius requires only 1% inspiration and 99% effort. We cannot say so when it comes to hard stools. Why? Because in the case of hard stools, trying very hard to evacuate the stool can be very dangerous. You can really rip the anus, it is called an anal fissure, when you force a lot, and cause pain and rectal bleeding bright red. There is evidence that the efforts that you make at the time of bowel can swell and cause your hemorrhoids that increase your bleeding discomfort.

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Years of hard stool can also move your rectum weaken the muscles in your anus and ultimately make you lose control of your bowels. Once moved, outside the body, the rectum is sensitive to injury, as you simply wipe after evacuating your bowels.

The hard stools can also cause a hernia condition which will make this task even more difficult to evacuate.

After you have explained the reasons for avoiding difficult bowel movements, we must solve the following question: Why is it so hard? The answer is simple: because you’re constipated.


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To not have a bowel movement difficult, one must first avoid being constipated. Sitting on the toilet for 45 to 60 minutes is not the way to solve the problem of difficult bowel movements.

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