Depilatory CreamDepilatory Cream
Easy to use and totally painless hair removal cream helps remove hair shirt, legs and armpits in no time. A good alternative for troubleshooting.

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Depilatory cream, what is it?
Depilatory cream is a chemical based on sulfur, which destroys the hair on the surface of the skin. To do this, simply spread of leave on and remove with a spatula. The hair comes away without asking them rest. Painless, this hair removal method is useful because it helps keep the skin shaved almost a week. Some depilatory creams are specially formulated for sensitive areas like the bikini, and are responsible for moisturizers.

Hair Removal: on what areas to use?

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Depilatory cream is mainly used for bikini and underarms, although it is also possible to use it on the legs.

How to apply the depilatory cream? Depilatory cream is applied to clean, dry skin. No need to wait for your hair to have pushed a lot, the cream is effective even on short hair. Avoid contact with the hands and use the spatula to spread in an even layer. Be sure to observe the pause time indicated. If it is too short, the cream does not have time to act, and if it is too long, you could irritate your skin.

Warning, it is recommended to always test a depilatory cream before use because the risk of allergies is possible. Sulfur derivative assets will dissolve the hair at the surface. Practical, depilatory cream is not less chemical, so it should be used from time to time, not as a method regular waxing . Another annoyance: the smell. It must be admitted, despite efforts on perfumes, cream off a chemical smell strong enough and not always pleasant.

How often waxing with a depilatory cream? Depilatory cream gives you between 4 and 7 days of tranquility.


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