Your breasts are living a real transformation during pregnancy. Over the months, they swell, tighten and become more sensitive. To prevent stretch marks and showcase your new cup size, follow our advice for a chest at the top.

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Pregnancy breasts become
From day one, the change is felt. Your breasts are harder, sensitive too. This phenomenon is known to a large number of women at the end of their cycle. Just before menstruation, breasts are stretched and may become a little painful. This discomfort will disappear with the arrival of the rules. However, if there is fertilization, the phenomenon continues. The milk ducts (that carry breast milk) develop, blood flow increases, making them more visible veins, and chest gaining volume. The pins also change appearance, they expand and take on a darker shade. This metamorphosis is one of the first visible signs of pregnancy.

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The bra, the ally of the pregnant woman Who says bigger breasts says new bra . Essential during pregnancy – even for small chests – it helps keep a good posture. It can even be recommended to wear at night. In all cases, select it in your size. It should not compress your chest and properly support it. Make sure that the composition contains 15% minimum elastane. With or without reinforcement, it is a matter of taste.

Taking care of your breasts during pregnancy It is essential to take care of the breasts . First tip: moisturize your skin . Get into the habit of applying a cream or moisturizing balm on your chest morning and evening. Massage the skin with circular movements until complete penetration of the treatment. Thus, you preserve the hydration of your skin and reduce the risk of stretch marks.

Another tip realize scrubs sweet regularly. This lightens the skin by removing dead skin and improve the absorption of moisturizers. Attention no question of using scrubs designed for the body, too aggressive. Instead, take a facial scrub. Dampen the area with a little water and apply the scrub with circular strokes to unclog pores. Rinse and moisturize your skin with a cream.

Pregnancy exercises for toning breasts This is not the time to let go! To keep a nice chest, practice a few exercises tonic . Attention, the breast is not a muscle but a gland. To strengthen, we need to focus on the chest.

Here is a simple exercise to achieve without moderation. Place your hands palm against palm. The elbows are spread, arms located at the chest. Exert a few seconds of pressure by pressing the hands against one another. Repeat a couple of times daily.


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