If you ate the chili the night before, it is likely to appear highly transparently, just as red in your stool. Even after being digested in your digestive system. But in most cases, when you see a red color in your stool, you do not need to have studied medicine to know that it is blood. If you notice something that looks like blood in your stool, with rare exceptions, it’s really blood.

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Most of the time, it is an anal fissure or hemorrhoids that make your bloody stool. Hemorrhoids are small tumors formed by abnormal dilation of a vein that is formed outside or inside the rectum. Merely wiping too hard or difficult bowel movements have hemorrhoids may bleed. Anal fissures are cracks in the skin around the anus and are also caused by hard stool.

In both cases, blood added to stool during the evacuation. But when blood is in the same stool, many factors may be the cause. If you take large doses of aspirin or some other anti-inflammatory non-steroid to relieve arthritis, you may notice blood in your stool. Some of these medications can irritate the stomach and small intestine and may even cause ulcers completely painless, but sometimes bloody.

The inflammatory bowel disease, digestive disorder of unknown cause, also causes bloody stools. The disease is often painful.

Sometimes bloody stools indicate the presence of a polyp or even a cancerous tumor in the colon. Most small polyps have no symptoms; by cons when they reach a certain size, they bleed. If they are buried in your colon, blood appears on the surface and, perhaps, inside of your bowel movements. Diverticulosis is another cause of bloody stool, but there is little chance that you are suffering from this disease.

Like a bloated side of a tire, diverticulosis is a fragile swelling of the lining of the colon that may bleed occasionally. If this case occurs, it must be taken seriously. When you go to the bathroom and you see a little blood on paper or a few drops into the bowl, do not say,” Oh! I suffer just diverticulosis”.In this case, you will notice in fact a significant amount of blood. This is a hemorrhage.


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Maybe you’re using cotton gauze when you bleed from the nose. And if you cut your finger, an adhesive bandage will certainly be enough. However, to avoid the bloody stool, you have only one option: consult your doctor immediately. It’s your life, you really need to look at your bloody stools as soon as possible.

Here are some tips you should follow:

  • Drink liquids. Drinking more liquids is one of the easiest ways to end the hard stool caused by hemorrhoids or anal fissures that result in bloody stools. In fact, if you drink between 6-10 glasses of fluid per day, juice fruit or water, whatever, you will prevent constipation. Change of medication. If you take aspirin or any other analgesic anti-inflammatory for arthritis, you should discuss your medications with your doctor.
  • Consider moving tests. Your doctor will want you to do, even in his office, a sigmoidoscopy. During this intervention, he will use an endoscope to look inside your colon to find the cause of the problem.

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