In most cases, the bright red blood dripping from your anus gives you more trouble than uneasiness. You should of course report any anal bleeding to your doctor, but be aware that this malaise is the body’s way of saying that you suffer from hemorrhoids.

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Just inside the anus, there are many blood vessels that act as air bags, forming a seal that prevents stools, flatus and mucus to escape from the rectum. But if one of these vessels swells or moves in the rectal wall, often as a result of intense efforts during bowel movements, it becomes a hemorrhoid.

The hemorrhoid itches and cause pain and bleeding. This bleeding can also signal a crack (cracking of the skin around the anus), an ulcerative colitis or polyps. The blood from the anus could also come from the digestive tract. It is therefore very important to report any discrepancies from the anus to your doctor.

In 99% cases it is just hemorrhoids, but the malaise could be more serious. Unfortunately, the average citizen cannot diagnose the type of bleeding or the severity of the disease.


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If the bleeding is bright red and it only happens after a bowel movement, and if you have had hemorrhoids, there are many ways to control the problem. We recommend you report the problem to your doctor, even if the simple remedies that follow interrupt the bleeding.
  • Take your toilet paper. We advise the patients to use toilet paper 2 ply, which means they often bring their own paper work. Some people use toilet paper of poor quality which can irritate the buttocks to a point where they start to bleed. You should always use a soft paper and tap gently. Do not rub.
  • Cut your nails. The well-manicured fingernails may be stylish, but have long nails can become dangerous.
  • Try to add a little petroleum jelly into your rectum before a bowel movement. This could facilitate intestinal transit. Watch what you eat. Chew your food thoroughly and know that everything you swallow out of your body, even if you do not digest.¬†This is not common, but if a person swallows a small bone, it could cut, tear, or cause bleeding from the anus.
  • Drink water. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. The water helps soften the stool so that the evacuation takes place without effort. Your efforts are more intense, more likely you are to have anal bleeding.
  • Eat fiber. Foods high in fiber, like fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grain cereals, increase stool volume and, like water, reduce the amount of effort required during the bowel movement. In addition, they reduce the pressure on blood vessels and prevent bleeding.

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