20th Week of Pregnancy

You are in the half way of your pregnancy. This week, you’ll notice that your uterus has reached the level of your umbilicus. Line extending from the umbilicus down begins to darken. There is no need to worry about this, everything will return to normal after the delivery. Do not forget to take iron supplements within this week. If you have anaemia, you should also use the remedies that your doctor recommends. You may experience heartburn, digestive difficulties, leg cramps and sleepless nights. You can use pillow special for pregnancy. This may help you.

As for your baby, it starts to experience periods of sleep and wakefulness during the week. Just like a newborn baby. It can recognize your vioce because the auditory system has completed its development. The skin has two layers, epidermis is at the surface and dermis is the deeper layer. However, if the baby is female, the uterus will begin to develop. Her stomach, gall bladder and liver are clearly observable. This week your baby is approximately 25 cm. in length and approximately 320 gr. in weight.

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