Laser Hair Removal

LASER HAIR REMOVAL Want to be rid of your hair almost permanently? Entrust your legs and underarms laser. Orchestrated by a doctor, the sessions provide a soft skin for long.

Depilatory Cream

Depilatory Cream Easy to use and totally painless hair removal cream helps remove hair shirt, legs and armpits in no time. A good alternative for troubleshooting.

Hair Removal

HAIR REMOVAL The trend may well be real or faux fur: legs look better shaved. Ditto for the underarms and bikini. So to display a soft skin, one weapon wax strips and other razors, with varying results.

Sport During Pregnancy

SPORT DURING PREGNANCY If Kate Middleton continued to play sports during her pregnancy , it’s because it’s a great way to stay toned and relax. But beware, sport is not practiced anyhow. If some are highly recommended, others are prohibited. Check out our tips to keep fit during your pregnancy.

Stretch Marks

STRETCH MARKS An enemy of all pregnant women: stretch marks. These small reddish streaks that tend to colonize stomach, thighs and breasts are a source of apprehension and fears. With it, the secret is prevention. Discover all our care tips for body hydrated and without stretch marks.

Breast Care During Pregnancy

BREAST CARE DURING PREGNANCY Your breasts are living a real transformation during pregnancy. Over the months, they swell, tighten and become more sensitive. To prevent stretch marks and showcase your new cup size, follow our advice for a chest at the top.

Hair Care During Pregnancy

HAIR CARE DURING PREGNANCY Hormonal upheaval forces, pregnancy changes the appearance of your hair. In a majority of cases, it makes your hair shiny and supplied, but that is not the case for everyone. Discover our tips for taking care of your hair during these nine months.

Heavy Legs During Pregnancy

HEAVY LEGS DURING PREGNANCY Over the months of pregnancy, your legs are heavy and swollen? This is one of the most common annoyances in pregnant women. Discover our tips and tricks to relieve you of your calves and find light legs.

Pregnancy Mask

PREGNANCY MASK Pregnant, your face has suddenly adorned with brown spots? Do not worry, this phenomenon is well known and is called “mask of pregnancy.” To better understand why it is and know how to prevent it, follow our advice.

Pregnancy: Beware fragile skin

Pregnancy: beware, fragile skin Do not wait to invest in sensitive skin care . Bubbling hormones can make your skin intolerant to products that previously you were going to perfection. The best thing is to take care specially designed for intolerant skin, why not care and organic make up.

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