Applying Foundation

APPLYING FOUNDATION No foundation can hold an entire day on a dehydrated skin. Like her, he will score and cartooning. Whatever your skin type, you cannot claim a peach complexion without the application of a moisturizer.

How to Choose a Foundation

HOW TO CHOOSE A FOUNDATION? If the vanishing complexion of the stars on the red carpet makes you dream, do not be green with envy! Not only it is not the ideal color for your mine but good news, we offer you in this case all the tips to choose a foundation specifically tailored to […]

Guaranteed Natural Complexion

GUARANTEED NATURAL COMPLEXION Before inventing a perfect complexion, a good cleansing of the face is required. Followed by rinsing in mist or passing a cotton pad soaked in refreshing tonic, it will make new skin before applying a moisturizing base.

Liquid Foundations

THE LIQUID FOUNDATIONS The liquid foundations have the advantage of mixing with other enabling invent new tones, in agreement with the choice of her outfit of the day. Quite often spanning, it is always possible to obtain a transparent effect in the “pulling” thoroughly with a damp sponge.

The Golden Complexion of Redheads

THE GOLDEN COMPLEXION OF REDHEADS Whether redhead brunette with blue eyes and translucent skin or red with brown eyes and golden skin, coppery colors are for you.

Facial Processing Techniques

FACIAL PROCESSING TECHNIQUES Beauticians teach all the facial processing techniques. Your turn to use what you are exercising now.

Should We Wash Our Hair Every Day?

SHOULD WE WASH OUR HAIR EVERY DAY? The question seems obvious, yet it deserves a little clarification! The sebaceous glands of the scalp naturally produce sebum that accumulates day after day on the skull and hair. To maintain optimal sebum production rates, and sanitize lengths, shampoo regularly is essential. Shampoos contain a mixture of surfactants, […]


DANDRUFF Dandruff scalp skin is composed of two layers: the epidermis and dermis. It is renewed about every 28 days through the formation of new skin cells that will remove dead cells by pushing them out of the skin. Dandruff fungus called Malassezia appear when (not contagious) proliferates and causes a disruption of the cell […]

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